Create flexible meal plan options with meal credits, declining balance accounts and other pricing options. Remove paper and error prone spreadsheets from the resident billing process.

Meal Plan Options & Special Pricing

Communities can offer flexible meal plan options, including all-inclusive, daily/monthly/quarterly meal credits, declining & inclining balance accounts. eMenuCHOICE can also accommodate orders for guests, staff and members of the public; including different pricing options for each.

Access Billing Reports & Invoices

Consolidated billing and report generation simplifies work and saves time. All billing information is automatically captured and easily available via multiple reports, including resident invoices. This data is also exportable for external billing applications providing one source of truth and simplifying accounting processes.

Clear Information for Residents and Business Offices

eMenuCHOICE manages complex meal plans with ease. Account balances are printed on receipts and available while ordering so residents are always informed and never surprised by unexpected charges. Business offices love the time eMenuCHOICE saves by eliminating the need to count paper receipts and track meals in spreadsheets.

Increase Revenue Capture

All orders are captured and tracked automatically. Easy to use reports show summaries and details of all purchases to quickly clear up any billing disputes.

Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency

Avoid mistakes from handwritten orders and reduce overspending on food waste with eMenuCHOICE.

Guest & Staff Meals

Create special pricing for guests of residents, employees or potential residents visiting the community. eMenuCHOICE automatically tracks all orders and applies the correct price for each patron.