Community-Driven Dining Options

eMenuCHOICE enhances the resident experience across all dining venues on a senior living campus, including non-dining specific venues.

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Restaurants & Dining Rooms

eMenuCHOICE has the flexibility to deliver the first-class experience that residents in senior living communities now expect. Orders can be placed for an entire table on a single screen and sent to the kitchen directly from the dining room course by course for an efficient restaurant service.


Pre-Order & Production Kitchens

Production kitchens are a balancing act. They are challenged with offering more choice while keeping food waste to a minimum. By using eMenuCHOICE to place orders ahead of mealtime, kitchens can offer more variety while always producing the correct amount of each item ordered. Beautiful images and detailed descriptions of items also help ensure residents understand their options while ordering, reducing the number of last-minute changes.


A Single Solution for the Entire Campus

In addition to supporting multiple dining processes, eMenuCHOICE enables communities to serve residents in other areas of the campus. Residents can make purchases at a convenience store, bistro, pub or even barber shop using the same meal plan or other payment methods like cash or credit cards.

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