Increase Revenue Capture

Capture revenue in ways that would be difficult or impossible previously using flexible pricing options in eMenuCHOICE.

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Flexible Pricing

Menus can include no charge meals, per-meal pricing, individual item pricing or a combination. Upscale items can also be offered using premium item pricing. Discounts can be applied for staff, kids meals or because of a special occasion. Sales tax can also be automatically collected on applicable items and orders.


Automatic Reports & Invoices

With eMenuCHOICE, lost and unreadable paper tickets are a thing of the past. All orders are tied to a resident, guest or staff member and billing information is automatically captured and easily available via multiple reports, including resident invoices. This data is also exportable for external billing applications, simplifying your accounting process.


Accurate Revenue Capture, Enabled by Default

All orders are captured and tracked automatically, removing the need to keep track of paperwork or manually record meals into a spreadsheet. Reports are easily accessible to show summaries and details of past purchases to quickly clear up any billing disputes.

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