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As Minnesota’s largest senior living operator, Ebenezer has been dedicated to healing, discovering and educating for longer, healthier and meaningful lives for over 100 years.

In 2017, Ebenezer wanted to introduce new programs such as all-day dining, cafes, pubs and a declining balance meal program. It was clear that their current paper-based system would not scale to meet these new requirements. Ebenezer partnered with eMenuCHOICE to roll out these programs because of the flexibility of the application and the fast return on investment it provided.

"It’s worth noting that Ebenezer started with 3 communities… we liked it so much that we’re rolling it out in more communities. Now it’s just a part of what we do."

Andrea Baumgardner
Former Regional Director of Housing

How We Helped


Simplified Reporting

The reports in eMenuCHOICE are a big asset to Executive Directors and building owners. Rather than relying on staff to keep accurate and timely records, information is gathered automatically by eMenuCHOICE, improving accuracy and saving a tremendous amount of time.


Improved Standardization

Legacy paper-based processes were difficult to standardize across multiple communities. eMenuCHOICE makes standardization easier, which is particularly important in communities with multiple dining options such as cafes, pubs and more traditional dining rooms.


Increased Efficiency

Switching from a paper-based system to the eMenuCHOICE application has allowed Ebenezer to capture more accurate revenue data while saving time and resources. In addition, it has simplified the billing experience for residents by providing clear and accurate invoices and reports.

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