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About eMenuCHOICE

eMenuCHOICE is the premier dining services management and point-of-sale application built for senior living. We make it easy for communities to enhance resident experiences, improve staff efficiency, and increase profitability.

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Increase Revenue Capture

Capture missed revenue and eliminate paper-based errors in the kitchen with a POS system compatible with any device and industry-standard printer. eMenuCHOICE makes it easy for communities to give residents the dining choices and experiences they've come to expect while maximizing revenue.

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Improves Resident Experience

For many residents, mealtime is the most important part of the day. The resident-centered design of eMenuCHOICE encourages staff to promote a better dining experience, so residents feel safe, empowered, and known. Profile images, special diet information and meal plan balances are displayed prominently to reduce mistakes and break down communication barriers allowing for a more seamless — and enjoyable — mealtime experience for everyone.

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Success Stories


Chateau Girardeau has many unique dining requirements across their campus. The flexibility of eMenuCHOICE was key in reducing order lead times and improving the resident experience.

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Needing to transition from a traditional paper-based ordering process, to a resident-centered point of sale application, Ebenezer partnered with eMenuCHOICE to create and modify a new modern dining experience.

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Mother of Mercy was an early adopter of eMenuCHOICE. Now, three years later, resident satisfaction is up, food waste is down and staff know that residents are receiving true choice in their dining rooms.

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