Intuitive Online Ordering

Provide residents and family members easy access to place orders for future meals as well as review past orders and account balances from anywhere using eMenuCHOICE Online Access.

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Online Ordering

Enabling online ordering in a senior living community increases resident and family engagement while offering an additional convenient meal ordering option. Using eMenuCHOICE, residents can place orders in their room using their existing devices or family members can log in from anywhere to assist their loved ones in placing orders or planning for upcoming meals.


Real-Time Reports

Effective communication is essential to the satisfaction of residents and family members in senior living communities. Online account access in eMenuCHOICE provides easy-to-understand reports for residents and family members. Information including account balances and order history that used to be communicated only when requested or on monthly statements can now be accessed in real-time. Having this information available from anywhere results in reduced uncertainty, increased satisfaction and ultimately better outcomes for residents and family members.


Simple, Intuitive Interface for Residents and Family Members

The user experience for residents and family members is optimized in eMenuCHOICE to provide easy access to essential information. When logging in, a resident is shown a dashboard with clear options to place orders for today's meals, view upcoming meals or view their order history and account information.

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