Guest & Staff Meals

Initially designed to improve the senior living dining experience for residents, eMenuCHOICE also allows for additional patrons—like employees, loved ones, and potential residents—to be served.

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Track All Meals

Senior living dining rooms serve more than just the residents on campus. With eMenuCHOICE, communities can accurately track all meals being served by the kitchen to improve revenue capture and control dining costs. eMenuCHOICE easily accounts for public guests, guests of residents, staff and meals that are served for marketing or corporate purposes.


Offer Special Pricing

eMenuCHOICE has the flexibility to provide discounted or unsubsidized pricing for non-residents like employees or guests. Staff members can each have their own profile to benefit from declining balance accounts or other meal plan features. Guests of residents’ meals are automatically tracked along with the resident they are visiting, reducing billing disputes that may arise.


A Solution Purposefully Built for Senior Living Communities

Employee or guest-specific pricing can be applied automatically in eMenuCHOICE to provide special pricing for staff or non-subsidized pricing to outside guests.

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