Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency

Avoid mistakes from handwritten orders and reduce overspending on food waste with eMenuCHOICE.

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Reduce Common Errors

Reduce server trips to the kitchen and mistakes due to handwritten tickets by printing order tickets directly from the dining room. Ensure servers take accurate orders and collect required information from patrons by using pre-set item modifiers. eMenuCHOICE enables servers to spend more time in the dining room serving residents and less time in the kitchen dropping off tickets and correcting mistakes.


Increase Efficiency

Improve efficiency of production kitchens by automatically tallying total order counts and breaking them down by dining location. eMenuCHOICE customers offer more choices while maintaining or reducing food costs by collecting accurate order information ahead of time and only producing the quantities required.


Resident Information When You Need It

Diet information is displayed to cooks while preparing orders, removing the need to update separate diet information for kitchen staff.

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