Easily manage limited dining room capacity and balance the demand on kitchen and waitstaff using reservations in eMenuCHOICE.

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Better Communication for a Better Experience

In addition to helping communities control the capacity of residents in their dining rooms, reservations also create a better overall dining experience.

  • Staff can clearly communicate open reservation times to residents, reducing wait times and the congregating of residents in common areas.
  • Tables or rooms can be reserved for special occasions, eliminating miscommunication and double bookings.
  • Clearly defined pacing limits support a steady meal service that does not overwhelm kitchens with a surge of patrons all arriving at once.

Ultimate Flexibility

Reservations in eMenuCHOICE effortlessly support multiple dining styles, as well non-dining venues such as salon and spa services.

  • Multiple seating periods
  • Continuous seating
  • Table and large group reservations
  • Spa and salon appointments


Flexibility for Operators, Simplicity for Users

All the information needed to manage reservations is in one place and integrated directly into the eMenuCHOICE Host Stand and Point-of-Sale. Manage reservations, seat residents and place orders all from a single, easy-to-use application.

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