Keep track of specific diet restrictions and allergies as well as other safety factors using dietary profiles.

Promotes Resident Safety

eMenuCHOICE promotes a safe dining experience by flagging food for allergies, intolerances, and diet restrictions. This helps prevent mistakes and increases mealtime safety.

Promotes Resident Choice

Menu options can be automatically substituted based on a resident's individual diet, allergens or texture requirements. Substitutions provide more choice to residents which increases satisfaction and ensures nothing dangerous or unhealthy is served.

Improved Safety and Expanded Choice

Each resident’s specialty diet and allergen information is displayed prominently for servers to see, removing the need for physical diet cards or allergen boards in the kitchen. Items containing allergens or intolerances are automatically highlighted on the menu. Servers can override intolerances after consulting with a resident but are blocked from ordering items containing dangerous allergens.

Improves Resident Experience

Enhance the dining experience for both residents and staff using the menu ordering feature from eMenuCHOICE.

Integrated Resident Data

With built in integrations to other applications, you no longer have to update your resident’s information in multiple systems.

Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency

Avoid mistakes from handwritten orders and reduce overspending on food waste with eMenuCHOICE.