Thoughtful, delicious, and scratch-made menus are just as exciting to offer as they are for residents to enjoy. With FreshMenus™, seasonal, turn-key menus are automatically available in eMenuCHOICE throughout the year.

Improve the Dining Experience

Older adults choose senior living communities to make their lives easier, and they have higher expectations for their experience than ever before. FreshMenus is the easiest way to provide:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup of the day and “Always Available” menus
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Weekly ordering guides by ingredient

Rotating Four-Week Menu Cycle

Chef created, dietitian-approved menus and recipes from Passion for Dining and Nutrition, designed exclusively for senior living culinary operations with direct input from residents, are available directly in eMenuCHOICE. Refreshed cycles are released twice a year to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and keep things Fresh.

Crafted by Chefs, Approved by Dietitians, Loved by Residents

FreshMenus is the easiest way to ensure residents have healthy and exciting dining options that feed their living experience all year long!

Improves Resident Experience

Enhance the dining experience for both residents and staff members.

Specialty Diets & Allergens

Keep track of specific diet restrictions, allergies, and other safety factors.

Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency

Avoid mistakes from handwritten orders and reduce overspending on food waste.