eMenuCHOICE Adds Resident Integration to Medtelligent’s ALIS Platform

Posted in News on June 29, 2021

eMenuCHOICE®, a leading dining management and point of sale (POS) application for senior living communities, now offers a time-saving data interface for its customers who use Medtelligent’s ALIS (Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions) for senior living electronic health records.

The new interface allows for the seamless transfer of information from ALIS into eMenuCHOICE and vice versa. Any update in ALIS —such as resident living unit move, care status update or new diet information—is updated in eMenuCHOICE in real-time. Communities no longer carry the burden or run the risk of trying to maintain separate databases of critical resident information that don’t talk to each other.

"Medtelligent’s new ALIS App Store provides an easy way for our mutual customers to seamlessly keep resident profiles in eMenuCHOICE synchronized with their latest demographic, dietary and other updates in ALIS" says Matt Stenerson, CEO of eMenuCHOICE. "We're always looking to expand our capabilities to make data management easier for communities and the ALIS App Store integration was an obvious win for our customers and our platform."

"We're really pleased with the customer response to our integration with eMenuCHOICE. They're excited about not having to do double entry of resident info and dietary requirements [because that comes in from ALIS]. It's helping with the resident dining experience, too. With current resident photos from ALIS populating automatically in the eMenuChoice app, dining staff can greet residents by name, even if it's their first day on the job," says John Shafaee, CEO of Medtelligent. "eMenuCHOICE was very knowledgeable and fast in building the solution, and now both of our products are enhanced for the benefit of our mutual clients."

For more information or to request a personalized demo, visit emenuchoice.com.

eMenuCHOICE is an award-winning web-based software application built exclusively for senior living communities that promotes choice and greater satisfaction among residents; improves communication between residents and staff; and increases efficiency by using mobile technology for real-time ordering, fulfillment and billing. A Lyngblomsten company, eMenuCHOICE is based in St. Paul, Minn., and its software application is used by senior care communities serving thousands of residents across the country. Learn more at emenuchoice.com.

Medtelligent makes ALIS: software purpose-built for clinical management, billing, and operational reporting in assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities. ALIS is designed to solve senior living-specific challenges including regulatory compliance management across different states, full eMAR management and drug counting, integrated assessments, and family engagement. To learn more, visit medtelligent.com.