eMenuCHOICE Adds Menu Integration with Optima Solutions and Assisted Dining Solutions

Posted in News on February 16, 2021

eMenuCHOICE®, a leading dining management and point of sale (POS) application for senior living communities, has added dietary menu and food integrations with Optima Solutions™ and Assisted Dining Solutions™.

The new integration will save users time and reduce common errors and frustrations associated with managing menus in multiple applications. Optima's menu system includes extensive recipe files, menu production sheets, and nutritional analysis. These menus will automatically synchronize to eMenuCHOICE when changes are made in Optima.

Existing items in eMenuCHOICE will be used to preserve images, modifiers and special pricing information for all menu cycles.

“Many of our customers are looking for new menu cycles that include nutritional information, special dietary extensions and integrations to their EMR provider and food distributors,” said Matt Stenerson, President and co-founder of eMenuCHOICE. “This integration extends our capabilities with a platform that’s widely used and proven in the industry. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this combined solution to the market.”

The integration enhances the experience for new and existing customers of eMenuCHOICE as well as of Optima Solutions / Assisted Dining Solutions. With the new integration, communities can:

  • Design and customize seasonal menus with automatic spreads and recipes for unique diet orders
  • Review food item and daily menu costs
  • Complete nutritional analysis including calories, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Generate integrated purchase orders, calculating amounts to order and prices from food distributors
  • Place orders using intuitive design with photo and audio descriptions of items
  • Offer online ordering, multiple delivery options and reservations to residents in their communities
  • Manage multiple meal plans and pricing strategies within communities and campuses
  • Simplify billing with automatic report generation
  • Offer flexible payment options for resident, guest and employee meals

eMenuCHOICE is an award-winning point of sale application built exclusively for senior living communities that promotes choice and greater satisfaction among residents; improves communication between residents and staff; and increases efficiency by using mobile technology for real-time ordering, fulfillment and billing. For more information or to request a personalized demo, visit https://emenuchoice.com.

Supreme Care is a senior care dining operations firm that provides the innovative web-based Optima Solutions and Assisted Dining Solutions software. Their software interfaces with other applications in the community to offer clients an integrated solution for quality dining operations. The software improves efficiency and assists clients with every aspect of their operations.