Mother of Mercy

Located in central Minnesota, Mother of Mercy has maintained the highest standards of care since opening in 1959. Their communities offer health and residential care and services for older adults in a comfortable environment.

Initially implemented as part of a state grant, eMenuCHOICE helped with the transition of a new chef that was not experienced with accommodating multiple textures and special diets. eMenuCHOICE fell into place very well and helped with that transition, ensuring all staff had accurate up-to-date information and assisting in managing specialty diets and textures.

"We don’t know how we could function today without eMenuCHOICE. It helps so much with their job… it's so good for the staff and residents."

Ann Neu
Registered Dietitian

How We Helped

Reduced Cost

Less waste, less stress, and less employee turnover. Staff have a better idea of what to make since the exact number of orders is specified in eMenuCHOICE. Because of these efficiencies, food costs have not gone up even as Mother of Mercy has added more choices to their menus.

Enhanced Experience

While all residents appreciate the pictures of menu items, they are essential for non-verbal residents who are now empowered to advocate for their choice. Residents understand and appreciate that choice is being emphasized. Complaints are down and resident satisfaction is up.

Enabled Choice

Staff and management sleep better at night, knowing that eMenuCHOICE enables true choice for residents with specialty diets and actively prevents orders containing dangerous allergens. eMenuCHOICE is also a helpful tool in advising residents on more healthy diet choices.