Remove the need for duplicate data entry and paper-based diet and allergen information with eMenuCHOICE. Resident data is updated in real-time so servers, cooks and nursing staff all have access to the most recent resident data automatically.

Automatically Update Info

Reduce the likelihood of human error by automatically updating resident information from electronic health record or resident management applications.

No Need for Manual Entry

Save time by eliminating the need to enter resident data into multiple systems. Resident images, demographic information, allergens, special diets & textures are all updated and track in real-time with external applications.

Accurate Resident Information at Your Fingertips

Resident data is updated in real-time or near-real-time with your current electronic heath record or resident management application ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information.

Specialty Diets and Allergens

Keep track of specific diet restrictions and allergies as well as other safety factors using dietary profiles from eMenuCHOICE.

Resident Experience

Enhance the dining experience for both residents and staff using the menu ordering feature from eMenuCHOICE.

Streamlines Billing

Create flexible meal plan options including meal credits, declining balance accounts and other pricing options.