Improve resident experience and operating efficiency using intuitive delivery options in eMenuCHOICE.

Improve Efficiency

In-room deliveries can be challenging for restaurant-style kitchens in senior living communities, especially when delivery volume increases. eMenuCHOICE eases the burden on communities by providing production reports to prepare food in bulk and distribute it to the correct building, floor, wing or neighborhood. Unlike traditional point of sale systems, eMenuCHOICE was built specifically for the continuum of senior care, including flexible options for both restaurant-style and production kitchens as standard features.

Provide Flexibility

Deliveries can improve service for senior living communities in multiple ways. Residents may want to enjoy a meal in their room, a resident may be isolated during an illness or a community may have other locations such as an activity room, patio or pub that a kitchen serves. With eMenuCHOICE, communities are empowered to provide all of these options and more. An unlimited number of delivery locations can be created for each kitchen in eMenuCHOICE, each with their own delivery charge if applicable. Pickup and takeout options are also available for resident, guest or staff meals.

An Effective Solution for Occasional or Exclusive Room Deliveries

Delivery orders can be placed during normal service or ahead of time and managed using a production kitchen process. Items are automatically tabulated and sorted in eMenuCHOICE for efficient delivery. Once prepared, food can be delivered to resident rooms and other locations with ease using printed or virtual order tickets.

Improves Resident Experience

Enhance the dining experience for both residents and staff using the menu ordering feature from eMenuCHOICE.

Intuitive Online Ordering

Online ordering in eMenuCHOICE provides residents and family members easy access to place orders for future meals as well as review past orders and account balances from anywhere.

Community-Driven Dining Options

Compatible with all dining venues on your campus including dining halls, caf├ęs, and pubs. Also works great for non-dining specific venues like salons and gift shops.