Enhance the dining experience for both residents and staff members using the menu ordering feature from eMenuCHOICE.


For many residents, mealtime is the most important part of the day. The resident-centered design of eMenuCHOICE encourages staff to promote a better dining experience, so residents feel safe, empowered, and known. Profile images, special diet information and meal plan balances are displayed prominently to reduce mistakes and break down communication barriers allowing for a more seamless — and enjoyable — mealtime experience for everyone.


eMenuCHOICE promotes choice & reduces confusion with photos & descriptions of menu items provided by cooks and dining staff. Resident images and other important information like meal plan balances and special diet information is displayed prominently for the server.

Ordering Experience Built for Residents

eMenuCHOICE provides a resident-centered ordering experience. Beautiful images of menu items and detailed descriptions break down communication barriers and enhance the resident’s dining experience.

Specialty Diets and Allergens

Keep track of specific diet restrictions and allergies as well as other safety factors using dietary profiles from eMenuCHOICE.

Community-Driven Dining Options

Compatible with all dining venues on your campus including dining halls, cafés, and pubs. Also works great for non-dining specific venues like salons and gift shops.

Guest and Staff Meals

Create special pricing for guests of residents, employees or potential residents visiting the community. eMenuCHOICE automatically tracks all orders and applies the correct price for each patron.